Bruxelles - Round table on sustainable agriculture in Russia, Belarus and West Europe


5 Novembre 2015 - 10.30 – 15.30

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The round table "Sustainable agriculture in Belarus, Russia and West Europe" 


Business meetings with agro-industrial enterprises from Russia and Belarus


On behalf of Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for Russia and Belarus, our partners from :

  • "Boerenbond",

  • "Wagralim",

  • "Cercle KONDRATIEFF" (an important French association supporting among others significant agricultural projects in Russia),

  • "InterEcoForum" (organized by United Nations Association of Russia, Moscow State Institute of International Relations,

  • "National sustainable investment initiative"), we are glad to invite you to , which will take place on 5 November 2015 at Brussels Vlerick campus.

Following Belarusian and Russian agro-industrial enterprises are looking for investors, partners, clients in Belgium and Luxembourg. We will be glad to provide you with more detailed information upon your request.

Cooperation, partnership:

  •    "Belsolod" JSC (Belarus) produces lager brewing barley malt and is looking for partners among wholesale and manufacturing companies.
  •     "Evobios" Ecological Company (Saint-Petersburg) offers complete scope of solutions for organic waste disposal. This system is working through anaerobic (oxygen-free) fermentation of biomass; which may be constituted by landfill waste, livestock waste (manure) and agricultural waste, slaughterhouse waste, distillery stillage, brewery grains, milk whey, sewage runoffs from water treatment facilities, particular crops (e.g., oilseed rape), and many others.

  •     "Garden Haibullo" LLC (Ufa, Russia): manufacture and maintenance of aerosol technological equipment in agriculture. 

  •     "Gomel Fat Factory" JSC (Belarus) is looking for wholesale, retail and manufacturing partners interested in purchase of refined deodorized rapeseed oil, bottled or in bulk.

  •     "Istochnik" Plant (Samara Region): one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality alcoholic beverages in Russia.

  •     "Minsk Kristall" (Belarus) distillery is a major Belarusian manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, mainly vodkas and bitters, including a popular Belarusian bitter "Belovezhskaya". The company is looking for partners to distribute its products in Belgium & Luxembourg.

  •     NanoAkva LLC (Astrakhan Region): structured, drinking, activated water brands "Top Ideal", "Aqua Aura".

  •     Non-profit partnership "Russian Union of Oil and Fat" (Moscow): vegetable oils, vegetable fats, margarine, mayonnaise.

  •     S-esh Trading House (Saint-Peterburg Region): import and export of milk powder, milk, cheese, confectionery, spices, cocoa powder, etc.

  •     Slutsk Cheese Factory" JSC (Belarus) is looking for partners interested in purchases of dry skim milk and dry whey powder.

  •     Ufenal" (Saratov Region): manufacturer and exporter of agricultural products: Red Football Lentils, Red Split Lentils, Yellow Football Lentils, Yellow Split Lentils, Red Whole Lentils, Green Lentils, Chickpeas 6-7mm, Chickpeas 8-9 mm, Polished Chickpeas, Spelt, Hulled Millet, Raw Buckwheat.

  •     Uniflex" (Belarus): innovative solutions in packaging and labeling for food, chemistry, cosmetic and other industries; one of the leaders on the flexo printing market of the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.

  •     Vitebskoblgas UE (Belarus) is looking for partners interested in purchases of peat moss (used as the basis for the production of nutritive substrates or for the improvement of soil structure).

Companies, looking for partners to implement investment projects

  •     LLC "Agro Bau" (Kaliningard Region) offers entrepreneurs from West Europe to organize agricultural business in the Kaliningrad region.

  •     MUE Gomeloblpischeprom (Belarus) is looking for partners to create an enterprise for processing of wild mushrooms and berries in Gomel region.

  •     JSC "Gomel meat-processing plant" (Belarus) is interested in finding partners to organize in Gomel production of sausages, boiled-smoked sausages, ravioli, and pelmeni (meat dumplings).

  •     "Smorgon Poultry Farm" (Belarus) is looking for partners to construct poultry slaughter and processing facilities, and cage poultry houses.


  •     Meat processing factory "Neyma" is one of the largest enterprises that produce chilled meat of beef and pork in the market of the Leningrad Region (close to Saint-Petersburg). Hoggery slaughter and primary processing of live hogs in amount of 600 heads per shift; dissection of hoggery semi-carcasses in amount of 15 tons per shift; sausage products and deli meat in amount of 3 tons per shift, after increase in capacity in amount of 15 tons per shift.

  •     Production of sausage products under the trademark "Shef-Povar" (Masterchef): the plant is 100% equipped with a new high-tech equipment, manufactured in Germany and Austria, such as: Weber, Ness, Maurer-Atmos, Handtmann and others. Slicing of served sausages and deli meat is made on the high-speed production lines Schindler&Wagner (Schiwa). Chillers capacity makes more than 2,000 tons.


Our round table will bring together specialists from Belarus, Russia and West Europe in order to discuss new ecological technologies in agriculture and animal husbandry. Participants will have an opportunity to examine components and advantages of the sustainable agriculture, to demonstrate their experience, to present resource-saving technologies and prospects of cooperation between national economies.

Topics of the round table we invite you to discuss: 

1. Resource-saving technologies in modern agriculture and animal husbandry: international experience.

2. Interaction of national economies: the practice of import substitution in the field of food and industrial raw materials of organic origin.

3. Agriculture: raw materials, advanced technologies.

4. Presentation of the V InterEcoForum (Marbella-Spain, March 2016).

Draft list of our speakers (tbc):

    "Integrated Pest Management of Belgium" by Mr Dany Bylemans, General Director of "Proefcentrum Fruitteelt (PCFruit)" VZW

    Mrs Isabelle Grommet, International & Communication Manager Pôle de compétitivité - Agro-industrie Wallonie - Belgique "Wagralim"

    Ms Anna Solod, Director of "InterEcoForum"

    Mr Luc Vanoirbeek, Seintific adviser, Belgian Farmers Union "Boerenbond"

    Mr Kris Wouters, "Woutersfruit"

    Mr Laurent Wyart and Ms Yanina Pashchenko "Cercle Kondratieff"


Date & Time : 05 November 2015 (10.30 – 15.30)

Venue : Brussels Vlerick campus (tbc)

Language :English

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